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19 November 2009 @ 12:41 pm
PSA: twilight.  
I have a great idea!

Shut the fuck up about Twilight. (THE ENTIRE SERIES)

Seriously. No. No. Let me be more specific....

If you like it, go ahead and talk about it fondly, perhaps with other fans, that's cool.

Twilight is brought up SEVERAL times a week by people who supposedly hate it. I wasn't thinking about Twilight until someone(who hates it) brought it up, and I had no intentions of thinking about it prior to that point. SO WHY ARE YOU BRINGING IT UP AND FORCING ME TO THINK ABOUT IT?

1. As previously mentioned, people who hate Twilight, and are bringing it up constantly, are forcing me and others to think about Twilight when we otherwise do not care/do not want to know/do not care to acknowledge its existence. So that's douchey, plus, putting aside the entire "thou doth protest too much" theory, you are instigating conversation about a series you hate. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? If you hate it so much, quit giving it your fucking attention! Do you do the same thing with music/artists/celebrities/etc? Not that I have noticed.

In media, it's been said that even bad attention is good. I believe that is the case for a contagious series such as this. IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, people ACKNOWLEDGE THE SERIES. Some might have not even heard of it and now they will go out and possibly read it and (gasp oh no not that) possibly like it. You might be giving Meyers more readers (in the closet or not!) YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE AAAH!

2. Complaining about Twilight seems to be the new Complaining about Hipsters. "MAN I LIKED THIS UNTIL TWILIGHT/HIPSTERS RUINED IT". The only one ruining anything for you is YOURSELF. So a song is associated with the movie? Who cares! If you're too dumb to really admit to liking something despite what else it is involved with, then it's your own damn fault. And, truth be told, I don't think it's bad that Meyers is mentioning classical music or literature in her books. If anything, maybe it will get one of the more dingbatty, teen readers to pick up something that isn't completely indulgent, or look up some classical music and actually like it. I had forgotten about Debussy's "Clair De Lune" until it was mentioned in the book. I had liked it before, and I was reconnected with a really beautiful piece of music. Damn that Twilight book!

As for her take on vampires. Well, I haven't read all the books but from what I can see, they're not even really vampires, and shouldn't be CALLED vampires. I think she went a little crazy when she was trying to think of new twists to not copy ALL THE OTHER VAMPIRES in history of vampire writing. Guess what though, vampires were fucked up long before Meyers touched them. Pick up some manga or other romance novels and prepare to grimace as your favorite supernatural species is fucked every which way. Too bad the one thing Meyers didn't change was the emo aspect. Also, I LIKED the sparkling thing. It was one different take that I thought was really original and not too bizarre for me. I hardly remembered that until I saw all this "My vampires don't sparkle" shit everywhere. Way to bring more attention to what you hate!

3. "It's not the book so much as the fans are idiots" is still no reason to bring up Twilight several times a week. Guess what, everything that has fans, has idiot fans. If I stopped liking anything with an insane/idiotic fanbase I wouldn't like anything and would be a miserable fart. To name a few: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Glee, The Mighty Boosh, EVEN CELEBRITIES and not their characters, have insane/idiotic fanbases. They're all scary and they're all equally annoying. That excuse is stupid, stop using it.

4. A lot of complaints seem to be social status related. You're assholes if this is the case. Oh man he/she will like me more if I hate the same shit she/he hates. Don't be a weenis. Don't start posting anti-Twilight art or picking on Twilight fans just so you look cool in front of other Twilight haters. That makes you a bully and a loser.

I think I had more points but I thought of this rant before bed, and then got sleepy so that's all I have for now. I guess I'll add them later if they come up.

As for my stance on the book itself, I enjoyed the first one. It was ENTERTAINING. Not really great, not the worst thing I've ever read. I liked it for entertainment value. Just like Torchwood isn't really a good show, but good goddamn that shit is so entertaining! I opted out of reading the rest of the series based on the fact that Meyers seems to slip in her Mormon beliefs. I don't hate Mormons, but I strongly disagree with the religion, so I don't want to have undertones of it in anything I'm reading. NOT BECAUSE OMG I HATEZ HOW SHE RUINED VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES 4EVARZZZ.

Basically my feelings on it are best summed up in Lucy Knisley's wonderful comic here

Anyway, I'm closing comments because I don't want apologies/counter-arguments/excuses/etc. All I really want is for people to shut the fuck up about Twilight. Thanks!

I realize I am talking about Twilight in this entry, and might seem hypocritical or contradictory but honestly I consider this a public service announcement so I don't want to hear it!
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